Waterslide Extreme App Review for iPhone

Waterslide 2Waterslide Extreme for iPhone

Waterslide Extreme is for all you adrenaline lovers out there, although you’re not really there – it sure seems like it. With 1st and 3rd person view you can watch your player slip and slide through water tunnels, while guiding them with the tilt of your phone. Catching points and surprises along the way. Not only are you sliding through water tunnels, but you are also in the sky of the city. Play during the day while the sun is shinning bright and watch the sun set as it turns to night.


The features of the game are pretty fun for the viewer. You get beautiful scenes along the way, as you glide through the sky in your water tunnel. You can choose between a male or female character and can view them through 1st and 3rd person views. To guide your player all you need to do it tilt your phone from one side to the other, to collect points and prizes on your way down the slippery slide. To speed up, just tap the screen and off you go. Just make sure not to fall off the side or hit any angry crabs or evil rubber duckies you run into on the way down. The levels gets harder one by one as you complete each slide and loop the loop. All together there are nine stages that await your wet journey.

Pros to this game is that it is FREE and a time taker, if your in the doctor’s office waiting for hours, on a bus, plane or even at a family dinner and can’t seem to find anything fun to do…whip out your phone and get to sliding with this extreme game. It’ll have you engrossed with trying to get points and not falling off the slide to your doom. Cons to this game is that it’s a little slow and the pixels aren’t all that great, not the best quality game out there, along with some crashes along the way. Also there isn’t much of a choice for you character that you play, just one male look and one female look to choose from.

Overall Impression

The overall feeling of this app is a good one, it’s exciting and thrilling and funny at times. This is a good game for the younger generation they will for sure get a kick out of this app. A fair rating for┬áthis game a 6 out 10, it wouldn’t be a first choice to download but it is still fun to try and to watch. This app is a creative and different one for sure. Weather it’s summer and ninety five outside or winter and below freezing any day is a good day to play Waterslide Extreme.

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