Video Casino Poker FREE by Happy Dog Apps LCC

Video Casino Poker Free App ReviewVideo poker is a variation of the classic poker game created for playing online or on different devices. The original version is similar to the slot machines while the rules are those of the poker. There are several game types, such as Jacks or Better, Acey Deucey, Aces & Faces, Super Aces, All American and so on. These machines are among the most popular casino games, and with the development of the internet they are becoming really popular online or on mobile devices. There is no need to know some basics of poker to start playing since everyone can easily learn them while playing.

People should know that, although this games are mostly free to download and player can get plenty of free coins, or earn more by playing, but there is no way to exchange those coins into the real currency. So, those players that are looking for such an app where they can earn real money should look somewhere else. When a player starts playing, it is common to become pretty skilled in a short time. If that carries a player to start thinking how good would it be to use that skill in a real game, everyone should remember these games are called games of luck for a reason. Luck may, and probably will, change without any warning.


Features of Video Casino Poker FREE

This version of the video poker is compatible with all devices with iOS 6.1 or later. It means anyone can download it on the iPhone, iPad or iPod and start playing right away. It requires only 14 MB of free space in a memory and few moments to download. When a person does so, it can be played for hours, no matter where someone is and how much free time that person has. The game is completely free and every player can get free coins on a regular basis.

There are 6 most popular video poker games available for playing: Super Aces, All American, Aces & Faces, Acey Deucey, Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus. For all beginners, there is a tutorial to teach some basics and for those which are not sure what to play, the auto-hold button will suggest best cards to hold. Of course, a player can ignore that advice and play what he wants. All those features are making playing even better and easier to win. Sounds are from the real casinos and graphic is very good, but when a player wants to speed up the game, advanced graphics can be turned off.


Video Casino Poker FREE Overall

All lovers of the video poker will love this app. All beginners that want to learn more about video poker will love this app. All those that are simply looking for some free and appealing fun for their free time and moments when they don’t know what to do will love this app. In general, this is a great app for everyone that is looking for some funny and appealing game. Players must know this is not a game for the real money and shouldn’t expect to win in a real game just because they were good in this game. If a player is aware of this, no doubt he can enjoy hours of thrill and fun.

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