Ultimate Briefcase

Ultimate Briefcase App ReviewThere’s always a risk when downloading your next gaming app that you may be secretly signing a deal for your precious free time over the next few weeks. Many have found themselves in the hopeless thralls of a seemingly simple, yet impossibly addictive, mobile game that was initially downloaded just to kill a little time.

On first glance, Ultimate Briefcase has the makings of being your next addiction. It has you take the role of an everyman who suddenly discovers that a variety of bombs and laser shooting robots very much want him dead. Understandably he does not have much time to find a reason for this hostility and instead is trying to simply survive the onslaught with help from his companion: The Ultimate Briefcase.

At first, this proves to be quite a difficult task. Enemies descend upon you quickly and trying to discover their patterns as you dodge them does require just enough skill to ensure that your first few attempts are going to see you falling short.

That could become frustrating quickly, but Ultimate Briefcase does manage to make those early failures just close enough to victory to maintain your belief that with just a couple of more tries you can get past the level. It’s a belief just strong enough to ensure that initial time with the game will have you zoned in on turning the seemingly simple concept of moving left and right into an art form.

It’s here that the game is at its best. Trying to learn the ins and outs of the enemy activities while discovering the use of the various power-ups (and indeed the use of the ultimate briefcase itself) becomes a pretty rewarding experience. It also doesn’t hurt that the game’s controls are airtight and that the pixel art style of the graphics have this undeniable charm about them that is sure to keep a smile on your face even as the losses pile on.

Sadly, the sooner you figure out what makes the game tick and begin to make progress it does lose much of its appeal. The developers tried to fix this by implementing a series of power-ups and collectable security tapes that help shed light on the story, but unfortunately, neither of them help fix the fact that the initially addictive gameplay begins to become much more manageable and thus kind of boring.

Still, there is a real charm to the game that suggests quite a bit of love went into making it. Though the gameplay itself wears thin, Ultimate Briefcase’s loveable nature and basic fun factor make it a free download that is hard to not recommend trying if you happen to be a fan of reaction based action games.

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