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Imagine being able to watch all of you favorite TV shows from the palm of your hand!  With the Android app you now have the ability to do that.  All you have to do is download this free app and you immediately have access to  channels such as Gamespot, Classic TV, The Insider, CBS News, CNET, CBS Sports, Showtime, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, and many more.  The app requires no monthly subscription fees however you will not be able to watch full episodes from premium channels.

This app is very easy to navigate and even offers a variety of different controls to let you skip through different parts of the videos that you download.  There are limited commercials and the videos all come in decent quality.  Go download the and enjoy your favorite television shows wherever you go!


  • The app turns your phone into a tiny television
  • You can access videos or full episodes right from your phone and you can do it all for free
  • You can get video clips from CW, CNET, CBS ET, CBS News, Showtime, CBS Sports among many othersw
  • Get on to watch all of your top rated shows without ever having to worry about some kind of subscription fee
  • There are limited commercials with each video you download so you don’t have to worry about excessive advertising
  • The video quality is actually really good and the graphics engine on the Android plays it smoothly and seamlessly
  • The 3G and Wifi capabilities in the Android help the video to keep a good stream
  • You can also access small video clips of premium channels to get a glimpse of them
  • You can choose from a variety of different shows including Survivor, Beverly Hills 90210, CSI, and even Star Trek
  • As you are watching the video you have a lot of control features and can even skip through it just like chapters on a DVD
  • You can also get reviews on different TV shows by accessing interactive guides


This is a great way to bring personal television viewing around with you anywhere you go.  The best part about this app is that it is free.  You don’t have a ton of shows you can watch, but it’s enough to make the app completely worth it.  The video quality is actually really good and you can even toggle what kind of resolution you want to watch the videos in.  Definitely worth downloading if you are a fan.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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  1. CSI is one of my favorite shows, but every CSI game I have played has been the absolute worst. This one unfortunately is the same and it’s not even a game, it just shows you clips but in the clunkiest way imagineable.

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