Sweet Dreams Android app Review


Have you ever gotten in your bed ready to go to sleep and then had a buddy call you in the middle of the night for some stupid reason and it woke you back up?  Well that doesn’t have to happen anymore with the help of the Sweet Dreams Android app.  This app is a very cool tool that will allow you hit the sack without having to worry about being interrupted by late night calls or notifications.

It can be really annoying to have to manually turn down your volume or set your phone to vibrate before you go to bed each night.  The Sweet Dreams app will take care of all of this for you by changing it all for you.  All you have to do is first set up the filters on the app so that they comply with your standards.  For instance you can set your phone to go into sleep mode at certain times of the day, in certain locations,  and you can also decide on sound levels and movement levels as well.  The app also offers some unique battery savings when you use the filters correctly.  That way you can help your own personal batteries recharge without wasting the ones on your phone.

This app is great for anyone that highly values their sleep and are currently interrupted by unimportant phone calls and notifications.


  • This app uses a set of different filters in order to help you get the most out of your night’s sleep
  • These filters include the ability to turn down the volume or turn off your WiFi connection simply by where the phone is located, if there is sound in the room, and also if the phone is moved or not
  • You can even set the app to go into sleep mode during certain time periods so that it just does it automatically
  • This app will help you save battery life on your phone while you sleep


As far as sleeping apps go, this is one of the best applications out there for the Android.  The only problem with this app is that the annoying phone calls only happen to some people.  Other people know that if a call comes later at night that it is usually an emergency.  The functionality of this app pretty much depends on your lifestyle and how early you decide to go to bed.

Voted 3.7 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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