Slots Oz by Ford Wang

Slots Oz App ReviewSlots is a very popular gambling game, where a player spin the reels on a slot machine with different signs and when reels stop, the combination of the visible signs determines the winning and how much will it be.

With the development of the computers, slots became more computer operated, rather than mechanical. It also gave a chance to everyone who ever wanted to try playing it, but doesn’t want to lose money, to try slots. Today, many computer and phone games give you an opportunity to download some slots and test the luck.

Features of Slots Oz

All owners of an iPhone, iPad or iPod with the iOS that is version 5.1.1 or later and some free space in a memory of the device, can download Slots Oz at any moment and start having good time with it. Of course, this is just a game, and not a real gambling site where a player can earn or, more likely, lose money. It can’t predict anybody’s future success or failure in some another game of slots, because such thing changes.

In this game, players can enjoy the feeling of the real Las Vegas casino. There are plenty of slots where everyone can try its luck. Every slot comes with different bonus games and there are different reel sizes, from three reels with three symbols to five reels with four symbols. The game is completely free to play and if when a player is connected with Facebook friends or other players, he can win more credits. Besides slots, there is a possibility to play other popular casino games, such as blackjack or Texas HoldEm Poker. For beginners, this game offers detailed instructions. Beautiful graphics and sounds will make a player feel like in a real casino and if there are any problems, there is a customers support to solve them.


Slots Oz Overall

All the people with the iOS 5.1.1 or some later version that want to play some slots game will not be sorry if they decide to download this game. Downloading is completely free and every player will get some free coins to start playing. Once there are no more coins, and most likely it will happen sooner or later, no need to panic or buy new ones since there is a chance to get new free coins regularly. Every player which contacts other players or friends from the Facebook can get even more free coins.

Well done graphic and sound bring the atmosphere of the real casino and an average player will never get bored since there are many different slots and other games such as poker or blackjack to play. Since it can be downloaded into different devices, people can play practically anywhere and anytime, from a line in a bank, in a free time, to the break on the job. It can be played online or offline and there is practically no limits when it comes to this game. The only limit is how much time someone has for playing.

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