Slots – Elvis Zombies In Vegas By Poker Face Apps

Elvis Zombie Slots App ReviewPoker Face Apps have really redefined mobile casino gaming apps by coming out with this awesome game which makes use of the craziest of zombie characters. This game makes use of almost all your every day Zombie characters that you see in the movies and with Zombie-like images on each of the slot machines, the feeling just went straight through the roof.

The objective of this game is to make sure that you win more than you bet with the ultimate goal of being able to hit the jackpot on countless occasions. With Elvis Zombie holding a brain sandwich, you can just imagine some of the things that you are bound to see when you decide to download and play the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas. Each and every image on any of the slot machine is just straight from the world of Zombies like the popped-out eye, the brain in a sandwich and a lot creepier zombie characters.

Going with the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas PRO version gives you the chance to really experience how it will feel like if the casino centres all over the world were to be filled with zombie characters. It is up to you to decide whether to go for the PRO or the FREE version but they all do provide the best gaming features that you can ever find in a casino gaming app.

Combine the thrills and suspense of watching a zombie movie with the excitement that comes from playing inside a real casino room and that is exactly what Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas brings to each and every player who is fortunate enough to download this game.

Features of Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas

There are a lot of slot machines available for you to select from and whichever one you decide to use, you are guaranteed of having nothing less than the best gaming experience of your life.

Going with the PRO version of the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas also puts you in a position to instantaneously get $4000 worth of virtual money which can then be used to play on any of the slot machines available.

Unlike a lot of the casino gaming apps which allow maximum bets of not more than 500, Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas allows you to bet up to a maximum of 1000 credits. This further add to the excitement that comes from playing such a casino game which means that to hit the jackpot with such a bet placed cannot be explained by mere words.

It also comes with an integrated Game Centre which means that the points that you earn by playing on any of the slot machines are automatically added on the Leaderboard.

Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas Overall

The game is first of all exciting to play as it is filled with suspenseful themes and interactive user interfaces which means that you will definitely enjoy your time spent on playing this game. Free bonus credits and games are also provided to you on a daily basis. Spinning the wheel of fortune gives you the opportunity to win more coins which can then be used to play on any of the slot machines. In totality, this game gets 5 stars from me.

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