SkullduggeryIt’s Angry Birds meets Super Mario Bros in the latest physics-based platformer by ClutchPlay Games, Skullduggery. In this game, you are a single skull with one major, important job: collect taxes from the biggest deadbeats of the underworld. To do this, you must fling your skull through various obstacles and baddies while performing headshots, collecting coins, and solving your way through to the end.

Gameplay and Features

The way you fling the skull around is not with a giant slingshot, but with its own highly-elastic brain. Use the touchpad to fling your character in Angry Birds fashion. Unlike Angry Birds, however, you do not have to wait for your skull to stop. You can fling the skull immediately after it was released from your last fling. That way, you can better control the distance your skull goes as well as the direction it heads. Another way to better control your skull is using slow motion. While the skull is in mid-air, you can touch it and hold it, which enables the slow motion. This is where you can perform some major headshots and combos.

If you can’t headshot your enemies immediately, then wait for the right opportunity by hiding the small skull in jars, chests, and trash cans. Sneak up on those enemies and knock them out with a headshot! You would also have a chance to play multiplayer with your friends and fling skulls across the screen together. Finally, you can fill out paperwork after your adventures of taking out those massive deadbeats.

Besides the fun multiplayer and endless amount of silly puns, this game has many other features available. In single-player mode, you will be able to experience four different worlds with 32 levels total, and there will be more coming soon. You will be able to have your skull obtain power-ups that are more than satisfying throughout the levels. Skullduggery also has great playability because there are so many recognizable skulls to unlock as well as objectives and collectibles to find and obtain.

Pros and Cons

The game costs around $4.99. Although this may be considered a con for select people, others have praised this game for being worth every penny. One pro is that this is also a fixed price that you pay up front initially. If you buy the game, then there will not be any in-app purchases in order for you to advance in the game. You just have to pay this one and only price and you have access to the full game. However, there is a con if you do not purchase the game. The advertisements could get pretty annoying. If you do not purchase the game, then you still have a chance to play it entirely. However, after each level, there will be an option provided to you on whether or not you want to purchase the game. If you select no, then you would have to watch an ad. Although the developers have to earn money from their game somehow, some people would’ve been a bit more satisfied if the ads appeared every other level instead.


It’s pretty obvious that a lot of care and passion went into making this game. This game has wonderful, fun, and addicting gameplay all while allowing the player to experience it’s beautiful, atmospheric worlds and environments. The price could probably be reduced by a dollar or two and the ads could be a little more scarce, but the game is well worth a player’s time and money. Overall, this game gets a respectable 7 out of 10.

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