Running Dead

Running DeadYou may have heard of the walking dead but are you prepared to face the horror of the Running Dead? Zombies have been pretty big in the US for a while now and this app brings you all of the excitement of the zombie apocalypse in a very straight-forward yet addictive game.

In the Running Dead you are the lone survivor and must outrun the zombies. While your goal is very simple, how you achieve it isn’t. You can pick up various weapons and take various paths to our run your relentless hunters. The further you make it and the more zombies you kill the higher score you will achieve. The game features two different stages and a ton of playability as each run is never the same. The Running Dead is also available in 11 different languages so the zombie mayhem can be enjoyed worldwide.

The developer, Cleverson, has also created the game Rescue City. It’s essentially a strategy game where you must guide various rescue vehicles along the most efficient routs to people in danger.

Features and Gameplay

The Running Dead is very easy to play. The controls are simple, requiring you to either tap the screen to move to a specific location or tilt your mobile device. Firing weapons is also easy, only requiring you to tap the center of the screen while the gun aims automatically.

The graphics for the Running Dead are good though not groundbreaking. Cleverson did a great job of creating the two environments: a city and the countryside. Both are very detailed and immersive. As for other features you get a choice of 5 different characters and 8 different weapons plus landmines and a special attack called Savior Shot. Overall the game offers enough variety to keep things fresh for you.

In addition to the standard weapons you can also earn upgrades for them. This can change the way you play and make things easier for you. You also get 6different control options and can work towards earning 19 achievements. There are also leader boards for things such as kills, distance, and overall score if you are the competitive type. You will also gain the ability to drive vehicles as well so that you can gain distance faster and run over zombies.


The main draw of the game is the replay ability factor. On paper this “run from zombies” theme sounds rather stale but the way the Running Dead plays out is very addictive. This is due to the fact that each game will play out differently allowing you to try new strategies and techniques to get away from the zombie hordes as they hunt you down. This is definitely a game you will be playing over and over again if you enjoy the strategy aspect of it or if you enjoy competing for high scores against other players on the leader boards.


The graphics, while very good, are not revolutionary. Also the auto aim feature may turn some players off who were hoping for a more action oriented experience rather than strategy. Some of the buildings are a bit small and it would be refreshing to be able to go into more of them.


Overall the Running Dead is a very solid app for the iPhone. If you love zombies and fast paced strategy games this is something you’ll want to check out. While it isn’t as action oriented as you may expect there is still the thrill of killing zombies with guns, chainsaws, or running them over in vehicles making the Running Dead a winner. The final score for the Running Dead is a very solid 7/10.

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