Slots – Elvis Zombies In Vegas By Poker Face Apps

Elvis Zombie Slots App ReviewPoker Face Apps have really redefined mobile casino gaming apps by coming out with this awesome game which makes use of the craziest of zombie characters. This game makes use of almost all your every day Zombie characters that you see in the movies and with Zombie-like images on each of the slot machines, the feeling just went straight through the roof.

The objective of this game is to make sure that you win more than you bet with the ultimate goal of being able to hit the jackpot on countless occasions. With Elvis Zombie holding a brain sandwich, you can just imagine some of the things that you are bound to see when you decide to download and play the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas. Each and every image on any of the slot machine is just straight from the world of Zombies like the popped-out eye, the brain in a sandwich and a lot creepier zombie characters.

Going with the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas PRO version gives you the chance to really experience how it will feel like if the casino centres all over the world were to be filled with zombie characters. It is up to you to decide whether to go for the PRO or the FREE version but they all do provide the best gaming features that you can ever find in a casino gaming app.

Combine the thrills and suspense of watching a zombie movie with the excitement that comes from playing inside a real casino room and that is exactly what Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas brings to each and every player who is fortunate enough to download this game.

Features of Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas

There are a lot of slot machines available for you to select from and whichever one you decide to use, you are guaranteed of having nothing less than the best gaming experience of your life.

Going with the PRO version of the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas also puts you in a position to instantaneously get $4000 worth of virtual money which can then be used to play on any of the slot machines available.

Unlike a lot of the casino gaming apps which allow maximum bets of not more than 500, Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas allows you to bet up to a maximum of 1000 credits. This further add to the excitement that comes from playing such a casino game which means that to hit the jackpot with such a bet placed cannot be explained by mere words.

It also comes with an integrated Game Centre which means that the points that you earn by playing on any of the slot machines are automatically added on the Leaderboard.

Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas Overall

The game is first of all exciting to play as it is filled with suspenseful themes and interactive user interfaces which means that you will definitely enjoy your time spent on playing this game. Free bonus credits and games are also provided to you on a daily basis. Spinning the wheel of fortune gives you the opportunity to win more coins which can then be used to play on any of the slot machines. In totality, this game gets 5 stars from me.


Slots Oz by Ford Wang

Slots Oz App ReviewSlots is a very popular gambling game, where a player spin the reels on a slot machine with different signs and when reels stop, the combination of the visible signs determines the winning and how much will it be.

With the development of the computers, slots became more computer operated, rather than mechanical. It also gave a chance to everyone who ever wanted to try playing it, but doesn’t want to lose money, to try slots. Today, many computer and phone games give you an opportunity to download some slots and test the luck.

Features of Slots Oz

All owners of an iPhone, iPad or iPod with the iOS that is version 5.1.1 or later and some free space in a memory of the device, can download Slots Oz at any moment and start having good time with it. Of course, this is just a game, and not a real gambling site where a player can earn or, more likely, lose money. It can’t predict anybody’s future success or failure in some another game of slots, because such thing changes.

In this game, players can enjoy the feeling of the real Las Vegas casino. There are plenty of slots where everyone can try its luck. Every slot comes with different bonus games and there are different reel sizes, from three reels with three symbols to five reels with four symbols. The game is completely free to play and if when a player is connected with Facebook friends or other players, he can win more credits. Besides slots, there is a possibility to play other popular casino games, such as blackjack or Texas HoldEm Poker. For beginners, this game offers detailed instructions. Beautiful graphics and sounds will make a player feel like in a real casino and if there are any problems, there is a customers support to solve them.


Slots Oz Overall

All the people with the iOS 5.1.1 or some later version that want to play some slots game will not be sorry if they decide to download this game. Downloading is completely free and every player will get some free coins to start playing. Once there are no more coins, and most likely it will happen sooner or later, no need to panic or buy new ones since there is a chance to get new free coins regularly. Every player which contacts other players or friends from the Facebook can get even more free coins.

Well done graphic and sound bring the atmosphere of the real casino and an average player will never get bored since there are many different slots and other games such as poker or blackjack to play. Since it can be downloaded into different devices, people can play practically anywhere and anytime, from a line in a bank, in a free time, to the break on the job. It can be played online or offline and there is practically no limits when it comes to this game. The only limit is how much time someone has for playing.


Video Casino Poker FREE by Happy Dog Apps LCC

Video Casino Poker Free App ReviewVideo poker is a variation of the classic poker game created for playing online or on different devices. The original version is similar to the slot machines while the rules are those of the poker. There are several game types, such as Jacks or Better, Acey Deucey, Aces & Faces, Super Aces, All American and so on. These machines are among the most popular casino games, and with the development of the internet they are becoming really popular online or on mobile devices. There is no need to know some basics of poker to start playing since everyone can easily learn them while playing.

People should know that, although this games are mostly free to download and player can get plenty of free coins, or earn more by playing, but there is no way to exchange those coins into the real currency. So, those players that are looking for such an app where they can earn real money should look somewhere else. When a player starts playing, it is common to become pretty skilled in a short time. If that carries a player to start thinking how good would it be to use that skill in a real game, everyone should remember these games are called games of luck for a reason. Luck may, and probably will, change without any warning.


Features of Video Casino Poker FREE

This version of the video poker is compatible with all devices with iOS 6.1 or later. It means anyone can download it on the iPhone, iPad or iPod and start playing right away. It requires only 14 MB of free space in a memory and few moments to download. When a person does so, it can be played for hours, no matter where someone is and how much free time that person has. The game is completely free and every player can get free coins on a regular basis.

There are 6 most popular video poker games available for playing: Super Aces, All American, Aces & Faces, Acey Deucey, Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus. For all beginners, there is a tutorial to teach some basics and for those which are not sure what to play, the auto-hold button will suggest best cards to hold. Of course, a player can ignore that advice and play what he wants. All those features are making playing even better and easier to win. Sounds are from the real casinos and graphic is very good, but when a player wants to speed up the game, advanced graphics can be turned off.


Video Casino Poker FREE Overall

All lovers of the video poker will love this app. All beginners that want to learn more about video poker will love this app. All those that are simply looking for some free and appealing fun for their free time and moments when they don’t know what to do will love this app. In general, this is a great app for everyone that is looking for some funny and appealing game. Players must know this is not a game for the real money and shouldn’t expect to win in a real game just because they were good in this game. If a player is aware of this, no doubt he can enjoy hours of thrill and fun.


Ventti Casino By Poctec Ab

Ventti casino by Poctec AB is by far one of the best mobile casino game apps to have ever graced the world of mobile gaming apps. It is just the true reflection of everything that happens inside any of the real casino buildings located all over the world especially those within famous cities like Las Vegas, Monaco and Macau. If there ever is a competition to find a single game that brings the real casino experience right to wherever a particular user is, then Ventti Casino by Poctec AB will emerge victorious hands down.

The main idea of playing any of the games on Ventti Casino is to make sure that you better whatever the dealer might throw in your direction. If it is a game of blackjack on Ventti Casino then you just have to make sure that you end up with a total that is less than 21 which means that you emerge as the winner of that particular round. This means that whatever game you decide to play on Ventti Casino, it is always going to be against the house.

This game is just what you need if you are after the real casino experience as it brings everything that happens inside the casinos in places like London and Las Vegas right to wherever you are without you having to travel there yourself.

Features of the Ventti Casino

This is one of the very few casino games for mobile devices that offer almost every single game that is played in the real casino buildings. This includes games like; Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Top Gear, Jacks or Better, Bingo, Slots and many more. Each of these games do have their own way of offering a particular player the opportunity of being able to spend some quality and exciting time on Ventti Casino.

Another unique feature of Ventti Casino is that it provides free playing resources for you so that you can enjoy yourself on whatever table you decide to play on. This comes in the form of free chips and coins being provided when you log in for the first time and after that every single day that you decide to log in to play on Ventti Casino. Aside this type of bonus credits, there is also that which comes in the form of free games. Playing any of the daily free games also provides you with the chance to win a lot of coins or chips.

The Ventti Casino game app also falls within the category of the best games that come with a huge payout system and a very high win ratio which makes your chances of winning big, very high.

Ventti Casino Overall

The game boasts of one of the best graphics that can ever be found on a casino gaming app. The developer really did a marvellous task with the way the images and animations appear on the screen of your mobile device.

Ventti Casino is also a game that can be downloaded free of charge and does not require you to make any in-app purchases.

It also has a very interactive and intuitive user interface which all works together to ensure that you always get the right amount of excitement whenever you play it which is why I rate it as a 5-star game.


A Review For Paper Toss App

Don’t you just hate when your boss walks into the office and catches your paper ball right before it goes into the trashcan. If it weren’t for him you would of been the winner, not only do you lose the game but you get a public scolding as well. Well those days are over because thanks to the people at Backflip Studios we now have our favorite paper toss game on our iphone. The premise of the game is simple, get the paper ball in the trash can against all odds. Not only does Backflip Studios gets you as close to the real thing but they have also added angry coworkers with office sounds. The graphics make you think that your in your office wasting time then you realize that your actually in your office wasting time.

Paper Toss can simple be seen as an easy game but what makes this game special is hidden under the skin. Paper Toss is able to work by incorporating a physics element into its game play. The ball reacts and gets shot depending on the angle you use. Once you get to the higher levels, fans will try to divert the ball by shooting wind at the ball. All you have to do to play Paper Toss is to point and shoot. But don’t forget to think about the angle that you are shooting at. Remember that it will only get harder as you advance through the levels, but who would think a game this fun will give you a small physics lesson.

Paper Toss is a game that allows you to experience being a slacker in an office environment. Paper Toss Provides you with seven exciting levels of paper tossing fun. It has gorgeous graphics and amazing sounds. One downside of Paper Toss being a free app is that they use mobile ads to monetize this app. Even though those adds can get annoying it is important to remember that the great people at Backflip Studios are letting you play this amazing game for free. The only negative thing about this game is that its only seven levels. You are going to be wanting more and more because this game gets addictive.

Paper Toss is an all around fun game. It is easy to play and it can get very addicting, specially if the fans keep knocking the ball in the wrong direction. Paper Toss is a well developed game with amazing sounds and graphics.The developers have done an excellent job creating this environment and you will love playing it. Over all this game deserve a solid 9. It would of gotten a 10 but seven levels seem just a little short but maybe if enough of us download it then they will give us more levels to play. A solid 9 is what this game gets and you should definitely try it too.