I really say this game is just genius. To strengthen my previous sentence I will tell you the number of downloads so far: over 1 MILION and counting! This really fun game has 50 levels + 15 bonus levels and more will be made. It has been said that this game is a favorite of the Apple Staff and in many countries  it has reached a place in the Top 10 Puzzle Games.

It is very easy to play, extremely addicting, entertaining and challenging too, with a very nice design. Shortly, you can’t ask anything else from this game. It’s a lovely surprise for the puzzle game fans and enjoyable for its brain-twisting diversion.

It is a puzzle game that makes you to think different than other games. The laser’s light must be redirected to go through all the diamonds on the screen. Tap and drag the nodes to bend the light to activate all the diamonds. Some nodes can’t be moved, and then you will have to find another alignment to pass the level.

A big plus from me towards this game is that you can listen to your own music in the background, and you don’t have to quit the game to change the song and such, you can bring up the iPod controls while in-game by tapping twice the home button. I have to send a big thanks to the advertisers because they made this cool game free because it’s an ad supported game.



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