JustYourTrip New York iPhone App

People are looking to save money wherever they can and vacations are no different. The travel industry has definitely seen an impact since the down turn of the economy. JustYourTrip New York provides iPhone users with an inexpensive way to tour a great city. The app can be compared to an audio and visual museum tour, except it covers all the hot spots across the big apple.

The app has 12 built in walking tours along with a map and GPS feature. The maps is used to direct the user to the starting point of the different walking tours as well as guide them along the correct path. Just simply put on a pair of headphones and listen to the auditory instructions on where to travel. At each location there is a brief history similar to what a real life tour guide would give. The cost is just under two dollars and is well worth it for the wide range of capabilities that the app provides.

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One thought on “JustYourTrip New York iPhone App

  1. These guys could have done a better job. The interface kinda blows and Google Maps does the same stuff anyway.

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