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In the third game of the series the Disney staff expanded the awesomeness of the previous games in this title and made a greater game, even if the concept is still the same, and that’s very good. In Jelly Car 3 you take your “jelly” car and maneuver it to the end of the stage. Even if the “jelly” part is a bit exaggerated, it’s still fun.

When the car will bounce in contact with any surface. You’ve got power-ups(balloon to float, sticky tires to travel upside down etc.), 50 new levels, I say new because the rest are from the other JC games, with more and more obstacles, you can customize the car and make it unique.

One of the bad parts of this sequel is that the level editor, that was present in the previous version, now has disappeared. Why? I don’t know either. It is a big minus from me towards this game. Even if it’s 2D graphics are not outstanding at all, the game is still fun.

The game has an update that include 2 new cars, import/export custom designs of the cars via photo roll, 3 new levels and a ghost racing feature. The ghost racing feature is a plus from me and balances with the minus given from the level editor.

So, even if you are waiting at a long line to buy something, in the bus and you’re bored, and in the classroom and don’t want to pay attention to that babbling teacher, JC3 is the best game you can play to kill some time. And it’s cheap too!

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