iTunes App Store or Android Market

iTunes App Store

Have you ever been to a store that is so unorganized you get a headache and just want to leave? Unfortunately, many android app seekers are having that problem. The obvious reason is that there are so many free app developers competing then the second reason is that the Android Market interface is like it was put together by the 2 year old children of Google developers at the Google Daycare. It isn’t that the Android Market is ugly and it isn’t that it is too complicated, it really is just a matter of the content overwhelming a terribly inept organizational system.

Android Market

iTunes App store doesn’t have as many problems in organization as the Android Market because iTunes mainly deals with paid apps. Less bombardment from developers and Apple has a higher quality control ranking that Android. The iTunes App store does have one problem though and that’s the nearly impossible way to locate it through a search.


Once you do eventually find the iTunes App store you end up having to log into iTunes. Apple needs to make their store more accessible. The Android Market just needs a complete overhaul and asap before the problem gets any worse.

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