i Music Tao Android app Review


Finally, a decent mp3 download player for the Android.  With the i Music Tao Android app you will have access to millions of different songs and mp3’s for your downloading pleasure.  The app also offers a variety of other features including the ability to download multiple mp3’s at once or to even change the track and music information once you download it.  This is great for downloads where the names of the songs have been altered a bit or the album information isn’t totally correct.  The search features on this app are also revamped and are much easier and quicker to use.  Search by artist, album, title, and much more.  Not only that, you can also try a free addition of i Video Tao to go along with your music player.

You need an internet connection in order to access the song database on the app so make sure you either are a part of the 3G network or that you have local WiFi to use.  There are a few bugs with the app including a lack of album art and artist information but overall it is a great way to get a lot of free music and add to your library.


  • This app includes a bunch of different MP3 downloads that you can get for absolutely free
  • Because it is a paid app, there are no ads involved.  This makes for a much less annoying music navigating experience
  • You can search your favorite music much faster, access more music with less permission, download multiple mp3’s at the same time, and even take advantage of the MP3 tag editing feature
  • There is also free support through email in case you have any problems with the app
  • There are millions of songs in the network database for you to play, download, or just listen to
  • You need to either have a 3G connection or a local WiFi connection in order to access the music
  • You can stream and listen to all songs that you find through the search function
  • You can change the music once you download it including artist, album, track, and title information
  • Check out the Tom Music 100 list as well as the most popularly researched songs
  • You can also see last.fm’s top 50 sons and their top 50 artists
  • You can get a free download of both the i Music Widget Plugin and the i Video Tao video downloading tool


Voted 4.4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently costs $6.02 to download.

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