How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury iPhone app Review


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own pet dragon?  Well you might get an idea of what that would be like after playing the How To Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury iPhone app.  This is a game adaptation of the hit CG movie that just hit the bigscreen.  In this game you will head out into the open blue as the fire-breathing dragon, Toothless.  Your rider is the small Viking Hiccup.  Hiccup is somewhat of an outcast when it comes to dragon warriors but that idea won’t stay for much longer as you and your rider form a bond and increase your flying and diving skills.

You will love the freedom of flight that is available in this gaming app.  As Toothless, you can spin, flip, dive, and barrel roll around huge 3D environments.  The gameplay is incredibly fun and can become addicting as you follow the story line.  Add on top of that the ability to race for the fastest flight times, carrying out secret missions, and gaining achievements, and you have yourself a really complete gaming app.


  • The entire game is brought to you in a beatuiful 3D world.  You will enjoy the gameplay as you do barrel rolls and flips with your dragon.  The graphics are stunning for an app and the horizon views will blow you away
  • There are a variety of different achievements and awards you can get throughout the game as you progress.  These include things like cheating codes and pictures from the film
  • You will have a variety of mini achievements that you can accomplish as you go through the game, including recording fastest times, completing specific tasks, and also secret missions to help the vikings
  • Enjoy riding around the Isle of Berk and all of the surrounding environments
  • When you are riding your dragon through the air you can see the Dragon Paths that are only visible to the dragon and it’s rider


For being a game that was adapted directly from the hit movie, this gamin app really takes it to the next level.  The 3D graphics are stunning and the gameplay is  smooth and solid.  You will thoroughly enjoy the freedom you feel as you fly around the air with no boundaries whatsoever.  There is also a large amount of mini games and achievements that you can do throughout the game to give it a lot of replay value.    The environment to explore is very big and you will spend hours trying to find all of the hidden gems in this wonderfully made iPhone app.  One of the best applications for the iPhone.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $2.99 to download.

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  1. This game does not exist anymore.If someone would be nice, they would contact Glu or apple and ask them why they deleted it from the app store.

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