Google Sky Map Android app Review


Google never ceases to surprise us with their handle on navigation and maps.  The Google Sky Map Android app is a star map that you can turn on and use to find any constellation, star, or planet that is currently in the sky.  The app offers a complete view of the stars and where they are on the map.  All you have to do is power up the app and you can immediately use it to view constellations in any direction.  There is also a search feature which allows you to look for certain planets or constellations and the app will use a small arrow and navigating system to help you turn you phone to the right angle to see it.

The app uses the phone’s built in compass, accelerometer, GPS and more in order to find star information and display it from your small mobile phone.  The app also has a variety of filters you can use to detect different universe anomalies.  You can turn off the grid, the planets, and constellation finders to see the stars however you would like.  You can also put the phone into either day or night mode.  Overall this is a really cool Android app that you can use to impress your friends with and is definitely worth downloading.


  • Uses the compass, GPS, and accelerometer to give you a complete view of the stars around you
  • Has a variety of filters that you can toggle on and off including Messier objects, grid lines, planets, and more
  • You can also toggle between day and night mode
  • There is a search function you can use to find certain planets, constellations, and more
  • Uses incredible mapping technology, can even see the stars that are on the other side of the globe


As far as the wow factor goes, this app is included among the best applications for the Android.  How cool is it that you can look in your phone at any direction, at any time of the day and see what stars and constellations are there?  So cool!  Not only that you can point it downwards at the Earth and see what constellations are on the other side of the world right now!  It is actually fairly accurate too, as I went out and found the only constellation that i know of (The Big Dipper) and held up my phone right at it.  The stars line up almost exactly and make for a pretty cool app to have on hand.  A great date idea for those guys out there that want to take a girl stargazing.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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