Flick Fishing iPhone app Review


If you love fishing in real life then you will love the Flick Fishing iPhone app.  This is one of the best applications for the iPhone right now because it boasts incredible graphics and even better gameplay.  You will go through 7 different environments that all react to weather, wind, animals, and everything else that lives there.  The environments are very interactive and the physics are very realistic.  You will need to use a combination of location, tackle, and skill to be able to get the biggest fish in the area.

You can participate in 12 different fishing tournaments to try and prove to the fishing community that you are the best out there.  Once you do catch a fish, you will have to be careful as you reel it in or you could break the line and lose the fish altogether.  The bigger fish are much stronger and will pull hard against you if you aren’t prepared.  There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play against friends and family.


  • This fishing game offers different environmental situations that are all completely interactive.  You will have realistic weather and water conditions to give you one of the most realistic fishing experiences on the mobile app market
  • The way that you cast your pole is just to flick the iPhone in the direction you want you hook to go
  • You will need to use a variety of different baits in order to get the biggest fish
  • Just like in real fishing, location is everything.  Work on finding the best locations to get the biggest catches
  • When reeling in your fish you will have to be careful to not pull so hard that you break the line.  The larger the fish, the more careful you will need to be when you reel it back into the boat
  • There are 7 different places that you can go to cast your line and catch a big fish
  • There are over 9 different varieties of bait that you can use to tempt your prey
  • As you go along the fishing circuit you will come across 12 different tournaments
  • There are dozens of different kinds of fish to catch
  • You can also play against you friends in the Mulitplayer mode over your local network
  • You can also get online and email your biggest catch with the “Brag” feature
  • Developed by Freeverse


Unanimously voted one of the best fishing apps on the market.  The realistic physics and living environments offer a treat to any fishing fan out there.  This game will also appeal to those out there who don’t fish just because of the unique gameplay that is involved to make the game a success.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently only costs $0.99 to download.

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