Find the Difference: Houses App Review

Find the Difference: HousesFind The Difference: Houses is a wonderful puzzle game devised for your Android phone or tablet. The puzzles are all based on lovely pictures of houses, and you must find the difference between these houses. This is a game that will test you mentally, and you may surprise yourself when you realize you cannot see the difference anymore. This article explains how to play and enjoy Find The Difference: Houses.

The Pictures Are Beautiful

Find The Difference is all about the beautiful pictures you see when you start playing. You will get taken in by these pictures, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. There are some lovely houses that you will want to move into today, and you will find the differences between them when you are hunting diligently. Share the pictures with your friends, but do not tell them what the difference is between all the houses.

50 Levels

There are currently 50 levels in Find The Difference: Houses, and the developers promise many more to come in the future. You must traverse each level carefully if you wish to make it to the next round, but the differences are subtle. You will need a trained eye and an observant nature to make it through the game, and you will be stumped at least once while you may your way through the existing levels.

How Do You Play?

There are two pictures of houses presented to you in each level, and the two pictures are vaguely different. You may not notice at first that there are five differences between the two pictures, but you must find five differences between the two houses. Finding one or two differences may be easy, but you will find the levels more difficult when you are forced to choose five differences.

The game gets progressively more difficult as you play, and you may find it difficult to uncover just one difference when the levels get truly difficult. Allow yourself time to process each puzzle, and consider how the houses could be different. The developer promises that there are five differences between each house, but you must be clever enough to find them.

Who Will Enjoy This Game?

Anyone who loves to play hidden picture games will love playing Find The Difference, and you could spend hours unraveling the mystery of each set of pictures. Do not get lost in the pretty pictures. You will truly enjoy the lovely pictures that have been set before you, but you must find a way to differentiate between these houses five times. Only the sharpest of minds can do so properly.

Find The Difference: Houses is available for your Android phone or tablet right away, and you may download it at once for free. The free game has 50 levels, but many more are to come. Play patiently so that you will be ready for the next set of houses to come out for all Android users in the Google Play Store.

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