Fan of Nostalgia? Try Timehop for iPhone.

TimeHopLooking back on fond memories can be fun and inspiring. If you ever find yourself in a rut, do you ever pull out old photos or notes from the past? If that sounds like the way you like to cheer up or stay happy — then you have to try out Timehop!

Timehop is a way to look back on your warmest memories of yesteryear that happened on your major social media platforms. Just log into Timehop each day and you’ll be treated to a suggestion of a post from exactly one or more years ago. Then, you’ll have easy share buttons available to let your followers share in your stroll down memory lane.

Did you go somewhere special or celebrate somebody’s birthday on this day in the past? Well, you can quickly get to those memories and relive the good times by becoming familiar with Timehop. What could be a better way to wish someone a birthday than to send them a social media memory of a birthday celebration the two of you had shared together in the past? Timehop really helps you become more sentimental and connected with the people and events that matter most to you.

You can bring memories back to life from almost anywhere, including– iPhone’s photo library, Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook and Picasa, just to name the biggest networks available. Some apps that allow you to manipulate or share photos just have access to a few of the most common sites, so it is nice to see Timehop being more inclusive in the number of content sources among which it allows you to choose.

Another really exciting feature of Timehop is the ability to create fast and attractive before-and-after pictures. Did you grow a beard or get a new haircut? Well, compare the many years ago version of yourself with the today version in a selfie comparison. Or perhaps you have a pet that’s grown in size considerably. The before and after ability in Timehop makes this growth and development process really come to life in a single social media post.

Want to share a fun fact about today? Timehop will find you something interesting that happened today for any day you choose open the app. If you like the fun fact that it suggests, you’re only one click away from sharing it with anyone you want or even an entire social following — the choice is yours!

Whether it is incredibly hot or deeply frigid outside, you might want to reminisce back to a time when the conditions weren’t quite so drastic. Timehop has the ability to show you the temperature and weather for many of your posts of the past. Their technology references archival weather data and the timestamp and geotag on your photo to arrive at a visual, historical weather report. You can even combine a before and after with a weather report if you’re feeling in the mood. Timehop is all about remembering the better days and bringing the cheer from yesterday into today.

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