Cut the Rope Android App Review

CTRCut the Rope

Cut the Rope is brilliant in its absolute simplicity. The game features all of the elements that makes an app game a best application:

Cute and cuddly creature that gorges on candy (You can call him Om Nom)
Logical Thinking without hurting your brain
Colorful Graphics
Catchy Music

In Cut the Rope, your objective is to deliver a tasty treat to a green little guy named Om Nom. You cut ropes that have the candy attached in a logical manner in which the ultimate goal is to swing the candy right into the chompers of Om Nom. You swipe your finger to swing ropes through various sharp implements, sometimes lasers, to get the ropes to sever and then attach depending on the objective of the level. You’ll also need to collect other object for points along the way like stars and busting bubbles.

Android Market

Cut the Rope is a great, award winning app from ZeptoLab. It went to number one nearly immediately when it was first released on the App store. It is now seeing the same success with the Android port that was recently released.

Costs one dollar to get rid of ads and totally worth it.

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