Bounce On 2: Drallo’s Demise iPhone app Review


Sequels are always a scary thing to produce.  You want to live up to the success of the first one without overdoing it or losing the aspects that have made the franchise so popular.  Bounce On 2: Drallo’s Demise iPhone app is a great example of how to nail a sequel.   Team Phobia has done a great job of taking what was good about the first Bounce On game and just improving on it.

In this game you will be able to see 2D and 3D graphics mix as you make your way past enemies and bosses all the way to Drallo’s Fortress.  You will have to collect gems, keys, and upgrades in order to make it to the end of the game.  You can also customize your character and listen to over 21 different soundtrack items.  This game can be played by gamers of any skill level as there are also a variety of different difficulty levels.  Get your bounce on and download this app today!


  • Developed by Team Phobic and is a highly anticipated sequel of the franchise
  • There are a variety of different levels to go through including the Orbital Platform, the Floating Ruins, and Drallo’s Fortress
  • You have the ability to customize your hero as you go through the game and collect upgrades
  • There are hidden secrets that you can uncover in the game
  • Collect a variety of different gems as you work your way to the ends of the levels and fight the bosses
  • There are over 100 keys for you to collect
  • This gaming app is Plus + compatible:  you can check the Plus+ leader boards
  • Has social networking capability so you can post your awards, online data, and best times on Facebook and Twitter to show off for all of your friends
  • This game is a 2D sidescroller with 3D graphics mixed in there to keep it original
  • There are 21 different music tracks that you will experience as you work your way through the game
  • Fully utilizes the the accelerometer, or you can opt to use the touchscreen buttons
  • There are different difficulty levels you can choose from including very easy and almost impossible


For a 2D/3D platformer, this is one of the best applications for the iPhone right now.  Team Phobic has tried to utilize almost every part of the iPhone’s technology to give you a fun and interesting gaming app. You will get addicted to the fun gameplay and not even think about the four bucks it cost to download.

Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $3.99 to download.

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