Best Applications iPhone NBA Elite 11

Who would have thought that a 5-on-5 game could look so awesome on such a small screen? I’m a huge basketball fan, and just can’t get enough during the season. Once it’s over, I’m scrambling to find a way to fuel my hobby. This app has definitely helped fill the hole, especially since I can take it anywhere! The number of players and teams available are over-the-top, and the fact that you can change the difficulty level makes it that much more challenging.

best applications nba elite 11 iphone
NBA Elite 11 by EA SPORTS™ - Electronic Arts

It’s definitely worth the small fee! There’s even a shoot-out mode where you can pick any players in the NBA to have a 3-point match up. Awesome graphics, unlimited game play, easy controls, and the best sport out there make a winning combination for any hoops fan. You’ll never get bored playing this one, especially since you can’t predict the outcomes! Way to go NBA Elite 11!

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