Best Applications iPhone Call of Duty: Zombies

What an amazingly awesome game! I’m a huge fan of all of the COD games, and combining those with zombies and being able to play on my iPhone is just the best. You’re not limited to one dinky map like you might think, either. This game has four maps you get to play thorough! The graphics are so detailed that sometimes I forget I’m not playing on a full game console.


Best Applications iPhone Zombie-Island
Call of Duty: Zombies - Activision Publishing, Inc.

There are even upgrades available for all of your weapons, and you can teleport too instead of having to walk everywhere. Best of all, I can play with three of my friends for the ultimate gaming experience. This game has all the drama and suspense of a good shooter game, with the added humor with zombies, hellhounds, and zombie soda machines. My friends and I give this application an enthusiastic eight thumbs up!

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