Best Applications Hanging with Friends

Best Applications

Hanging with Friends has made it to the top of iTunes. A variation of classic word games and another great app by the creators of Words with Friends, this best application turns hangman into a clever diversion that will keep your mind occupied with fun and interesting puzzles. The characters are fun to watch and the danger that they are subjected to is entertaining.

Best Applications Hanging with Friends

Hanging with Friends

Hanging with friends also adds hints and lifelines just in case you get stuck on a puzzle. This app, like Words with Friends is a turn based game with in-game messaging and push notification. The app has a cap of twenty games that can be played at one time, so you can keep your friends on their toes with some great competition.


This is a really great refresh of one of the oldest games in existence; hang man. Zynga has done it again, making the app fun to play, with simple controls and great graphics.

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