Best Applications for the iPhone Outdoor Edition

Best Applications for the iPhone


One of the great things about having a super-mini computer built into your iPhone is that you don’t have to be pinned down to one place; instead of learning about birds or butterflies on your desktop or a bulky book or laptop, you can pull up an app and explore nature with your own handy little guide right in your iPhone.

Best Outdoor Applications

These Best Applications are for the outdoor enthusiast starting with the bird watchers.  iBird Explorer Backyard Plus is a best application for iPhone because of its extensive database if birds but also because it has a database of bird calls.  Even if you don’t bring your binoculars, you can always use the zoom feature on your iPhone to capture your favorite birds even at significant distances.  Keep a scrapbook of the birds you see and compare them to those listed in your iBird Backyard Plus.

Great Database

Butterfly Collection is another outdoor oriented app and similar to iBird it contains a great database, but these are butterflies.  It’s just like carrying a butterfly collection with you, without all the actual butterfly slaying involved.


Other best applications in this category are:


Surf Report for the surfer.

Knot Guide  and iNavX Marine Navigation for the sailor.

MyNature Animal Tracks for the budding grizzly bear wrestler.


All of these best applications for iPhone can be located at the iPhone AppStore


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