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The Deer Hunter franchise has been around for some time now. It has put out a large number of games for other gaming systems before, ranging from home video game systems all the way to arcade games. Due to this, nobody should be surprised that there is new Deer Hunter games available on mobile devices. The Deer Hunger 2014 game is the latest rendition and it has many of the features fans of the other Deer Hunter games are sure to love. Naturally, this game is not for everyone, as those who do not like hunting or seeing animals hurt (even if the animals are animated) probably should look away. However, the Deer Hunter 2014 game did receive an Editor’s Choice from Google Play for a reason.


For anyone who is new to the Deer Hunter franchise, the name is basically self explanatory. It is a first person shooter, although there are not other people shooting back. It is about hunting. Originally, the first Deer Hunter games were all about hunting deer. Perhaps some levels where about shooting a certain number of deer in a set amount of time while others were being able to shoot a deer that did not appear for very long. With this Deer Hunter version though, as well as some previous, it is not all deer. Some of the first levels are about hunting deer, stalking them and trying to nab the deer before they run away (so there basically are stealth levels throughout the game), but there are other kinds of prey out there. Some of the levels feature polar bears, leopards, pumas and all sorts of other animals. Many of these animals are not going to back down either and will attack the hunger, which means someone needs to act quickly when playing as it is kill or be killed by some of these larger animals (or packs of animals).

Now, while the game is a first person shooter, it does not have the analog control sticks like a more traditional video game system. Due to this, the game is controlled by some movement suggestions on the touchscreen, giving off the idea of a virtual controller. There is also some flashing icons that appear on the screen that require the player to push it quickly with their finger tips. It isn’t as great as the analog sticks on a traditional controller, but there are some ad-ons a player can purchase for their phone if they really want this kind of feature.


Outside of the hunting, probably the best feature of the game is the scenery of the hunts. The backdrops are some of the very best of any game out there on Android or for a mobile device at all. Often times it really is beautiful as the textures and colors truly pop. It just showcases how amazing mobile phones have become in allowing gameplay on the go.

While playing the game, it is possible to win points and collect trophies that can be showcased on the Google Play archives. It also helps earn money, which can purchase more add ons for weapons, such as longer firing range, a larger magazine for a rifle or other features, all of which give the game a bit more replay value than other first person shooters.

For anyone who loves the Deer Hunter series, this is a great game. It is also a nice game for just people who like first person shooters and enjoy hunting, or at least the idea of hunting. As long as those two elements are enjoyed, this is a must try game.


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