A Review For Paper Toss App

Don’t you just hate when your boss walks into the office and catches your paper ball right before it goes into the trashcan. If it weren’t for him you would of been the winner, not only do you lose the game but you get a public scolding as well. Well those days are over because thanks to the people at Backflip Studios we now have our favorite paper toss game on our iphone. The premise of the game is simple, get the paper ball in the trash can against all odds. Not only does Backflip Studios gets you as close to the real thing but they have also added angry coworkers with office sounds. The graphics make you think that your in your office wasting time then you realize that your actually in your office wasting time.

Paper Toss can simple be seen as an easy game but what makes this game special is hidden under the skin. Paper Toss is able to work by incorporating a physics element into its game play. The ball reacts and gets shot depending on the angle you use. Once you get to the higher levels, fans will try to divert the ball by shooting wind at the ball. All you have to do to play Paper Toss is to point and shoot. But don’t forget to think about the angle that you are shooting at. Remember that it will only get harder as you advance through the levels, but who would think a game this fun will give you a small physics lesson.

Paper Toss is a game that allows you to experience being a slacker in an office environment. Paper Toss Provides you with seven exciting levels of paper tossing fun. It has gorgeous graphics and amazing sounds. One downside of Paper Toss being a free app is that they use mobile ads to monetize this app. Even though those adds can get annoying it is important to remember that the great people at Backflip Studios are letting you play this amazing game for free. The only negative thing about this game is that its only seven levels. You are going to be wanting more and more because this game gets addictive.

Paper Toss is an all around fun game. It is easy to play and it can get very addicting, specially if the fans keep knocking the ball in the wrong direction. Paper Toss is a well developed game with amazing sounds and graphics.The developers have done an excellent job creating this environment and you will love playing it. Over all this game deserve a solid 9. It would of gotten a 10 but seven levels seem just a little short but maybe if enough of us download it then they will give us more levels to play. A solid 9 is what this game gets and you should definitely try it too.

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