Vain Glory

Vain GloryNo genre in recent memory has taken over the video game world quite the same way that the MOBA has. MOBAs (short for multiplayer online battle arena) are games that combine elements of real-time strategy games with RPGs. In them, you join a team of fellow players as you battle an opposing team online for control of a battlefield and its resources. Along the way, you are required to level up your character with points earned from the battle. Your choices on how to build your character are significant as they can have a serious impact on how the rest of your team plays, and these games are all about proper teamwork above all else.

With so much going on during your average gameplay session, MOBAs tend to be pretty complicated titles. This makes them a pretty unlikely candidate for the much simpler area of mobile gaming, but Vain Glory proves to be a glorious exception to the rule that this genre cannot work on mobile platforms.

Where Vain Glory succeeds in bringing the MOBA to mobile is by keeping things simple. The elements that define the MOBA genre and make it so interesting (the depth of building your character, the teamwork, etc.) are all in play, but some of the more complicated gameplay elements that required a mouse and keyboard to work properly have been removed or streamlined.

This means that your team size will be smaller as are the levels. You’re given a lot less to do while you’re on the map and you’re given a lot fewer ways to do it.

Amazingly for a genre that built itself on depth, you’ll find that you won’t really miss what was cut out of Vain Glory because of how good the things that were left in are. Sure there are fewer characters, but the ones that are available to you have all been well-designed to contribute something unique to the experience. Yes, the levels are smaller, but they are also beautifully rendered in the game’s powerful graphic engine and more than do their job of providing a functional space to do battle in.

Above it all, Vain Glory is a fun game to play which is not always something you can say about the heavy hitters of this genre. By making the necessary changes needed to make this genre work on mobile devices, developer Super Evil Megacorp has managed to create the perfect introduction to the MOBA genre itself. The skill cap for success is much lower than in other games, but the feeling of victory is about the same as you would get in games like League of Legends or DOTA 2.

We many never get a full-fledged MOBA title for mobile platforms, but Vain Glory has provided an interesting blueprint for how this genre can remain compelling on the go.


Ultimate Briefcase

Ultimate Briefcase App ReviewThere’s always a risk when downloading your next gaming app that you may be secretly signing a deal for your precious free time over the next few weeks. Many have found themselves in the hopeless thralls of a seemingly simple, yet impossibly addictive, mobile game that was initially downloaded just to kill a little time.

On first glance, Ultimate Briefcase has the makings of being your next addiction. It has you take the role of an everyman who suddenly discovers that a variety of bombs and laser shooting robots very much want him dead. Understandably he does not have much time to find a reason for this hostility and instead is trying to simply survive the onslaught with help from his companion: The Ultimate Briefcase.

At first, this proves to be quite a difficult task. Enemies descend upon you quickly and trying to discover their patterns as you dodge them does require just enough skill to ensure that your first few attempts are going to see you falling short.

That could become frustrating quickly, but Ultimate Briefcase does manage to make those early failures just close enough to victory to maintain your belief that with just a couple of more tries you can get past the level. It’s a belief just strong enough to ensure that initial time with the game will have you zoned in on turning the seemingly simple concept of moving left and right into an art form.

It’s here that the game is at its best. Trying to learn the ins and outs of the enemy activities while discovering the use of the various power-ups (and indeed the use of the ultimate briefcase itself) becomes a pretty rewarding experience. It also doesn’t hurt that the game’s controls are airtight and that the pixel art style of the graphics have this undeniable charm about them that is sure to keep a smile on your face even as the losses pile on.

Sadly, the sooner you figure out what makes the game tick and begin to make progress it does lose much of its appeal. The developers tried to fix this by implementing a series of power-ups and collectable security tapes that help shed light on the story, but unfortunately, neither of them help fix the fact that the initially addictive gameplay begins to become much more manageable and thus kind of boring.

Still, there is a real charm to the game that suggests quite a bit of love went into making it. Though the gameplay itself wears thin, Ultimate Briefcase’s loveable nature and basic fun factor make it a free download that is hard to not recommend trying if you happen to be a fan of reaction based action games.


Find the Difference: Houses App Review

Find the Difference: HousesFind The Difference: Houses is a wonderful puzzle game devised for your Android phone or tablet. The puzzles are all based on lovely pictures of houses, and you must find the difference between these houses. This is a game that will test you mentally, and you may surprise yourself when you realize you cannot see the difference anymore. This article explains how to play and enjoy Find The Difference: Houses.

The Pictures Are Beautiful

Find The Difference is all about the beautiful pictures you see when you start playing. You will get taken in by these pictures, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. There are some lovely houses that you will want to move into today, and you will find the differences between them when you are hunting diligently. Share the pictures with your friends, but do not tell them what the difference is between all the houses.

50 Levels

There are currently 50 levels in Find The Difference: Houses, and the developers promise many more to come in the future. You must traverse each level carefully if you wish to make it to the next round, but the differences are subtle. You will need a trained eye and an observant nature to make it through the game, and you will be stumped at least once while you may your way through the existing levels.

How Do You Play?

There are two pictures of houses presented to you in each level, and the two pictures are vaguely different. You may not notice at first that there are five differences between the two pictures, but you must find five differences between the two houses. Finding one or two differences may be easy, but you will find the levels more difficult when you are forced to choose five differences.

The game gets progressively more difficult as you play, and you may find it difficult to uncover just one difference when the levels get truly difficult. Allow yourself time to process each puzzle, and consider how the houses could be different. The developer promises that there are five differences between each house, but you must be clever enough to find them.

Who Will Enjoy This Game?

Anyone who loves to play hidden picture games will love playing Find The Difference, and you could spend hours unraveling the mystery of each set of pictures. Do not get lost in the pretty pictures. You will truly enjoy the lovely pictures that have been set before you, but you must find a way to differentiate between these houses five times. Only the sharpest of minds can do so properly.

Find The Difference: Houses is available for your Android phone or tablet right away, and you may download it at once for free. The free game has 50 levels, but many more are to come. Play patiently so that you will be ready for the next set of houses to come out for all Android users in the Google Play Store.


Racing Rivals App for Android, A Gamer’s Review

Racing Rivals AppSo, for those uninitiated, there is a certain sub-genre of racing games almost exclusively focused on drag racing that have, in recent years, popped up on the varied mobile-app gaming platforms. Racing Rivals, developed by renowned tablet and mobile gaming company, Cie Games, is one of these kinds of racing games and it is one of the best on the market. What separates a game like Racing Rivals from a lot of other similarly themed driving games is its simplicity and streamlined game play. In fact, to many players unaccustomed with this particular genre it may even seem too similar given that the player cannot even steer their respective vehicle. However, what makes Racing Rivals more than just a mere simulator are two distinct things, car customization and boosting.

When a race begins the player’s car will be shown side by side with the opponent (either a NPC or other online character), and then the race will begin and both cars will automatically start driving. As stated before the player will not have control over the movement of the car, however, you will be able to control when your car accelerates. Much like many popular fighting games, such as Tekken or Street Fighter, a small bar made up of little blue orbs can be found at the lower left corner of the screen. This bar acts as your accelerator indicator and once the bar turns green the player can hit the accelerator for a massive speed boost. This is easily the most important mechanic in the game as proper timing is key, if you hit the booster too early you will nearly always lose, if you hit it at just the right time (once you are reaching the finish line) it can grab victory from the jaws of defeat. However, it does require quite good reflexes, as the time-window for acceleration is extremely small and once it passes you will have missed out on a chance to blast beyond your opponent.

The game is completely free to play but does offer up a few special perks to those willing to buy into the premium version. However, Racing Rivals is far from “Pay-to-Win” as they say, as the premium version merely provides more cars than the free to play version. This doesn’t impact the game very much as the cars within the game are not very different from each except in terms of appearance. In the beginning of the game the player is able to choose between 3 different car models, once chosen the player is locked into that car from the duration of their campaign play-through. Cars may be upgraded with in game currency (gems) which the player acquires via winning races. In summary, Racing Rivals is a very solid game and definable a must try for car buffs (as all in-game vehicles are based upon real world car models) but should probably be avoided by those who dislike repetitive (it is drag racing after all), reaction-timing based games.


Fan of Nostalgia? Try Timehop for iPhone.

TimeHopLooking back on fond memories can be fun and inspiring. If you ever find yourself in a rut, do you ever pull out old photos or notes from the past? If that sounds like the way you like to cheer up or stay happy — then you have to try out Timehop!

Timehop is a way to look back on your warmest memories of yesteryear that happened on your major social media platforms. Just log into Timehop each day and you’ll be treated to a suggestion of a post from exactly one or more years ago. Then, you’ll have easy share buttons available to let your followers share in your stroll down memory lane.

Did you go somewhere special or celebrate somebody’s birthday on this day in the past? Well, you can quickly get to those memories and relive the good times by becoming familiar with Timehop. What could be a better way to wish someone a birthday than to send them a social media memory of a birthday celebration the two of you had shared together in the past? Timehop really helps you become more sentimental and connected with the people and events that matter most to you.

You can bring memories back to life from almost anywhere, including– iPhone’s photo library, Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook and Picasa, just to name the biggest networks available. Some apps that allow you to manipulate or share photos just have access to a few of the most common sites, so it is nice to see Timehop being more inclusive in the number of content sources among which it allows you to choose.

Another really exciting feature of Timehop is the ability to create fast and attractive before-and-after pictures. Did you grow a beard or get a new haircut? Well, compare the many years ago version of yourself with the today version in a selfie comparison. Or perhaps you have a pet that’s grown in size considerably. The before and after ability in Timehop makes this growth and development process really come to life in a single social media post.

Want to share a fun fact about today? Timehop will find you something interesting that happened today for any day you choose open the app. If you like the fun fact that it suggests, you’re only one click away from sharing it with anyone you want or even an entire social following — the choice is yours!

Whether it is incredibly hot or deeply frigid outside, you might want to reminisce back to a time when the conditions weren’t quite so drastic. Timehop has the ability to show you the temperature and weather for many of your posts of the past. Their technology references archival weather data and the timestamp and geotag on your photo to arrive at a visual, historical weather report. You can even combine a before and after with a weather report if you’re feeling in the mood. Timehop is all about remembering the better days and bringing the cheer from yesterday into today.