Lucky Gem Jackpot Vegas Casino Slots Machine by Vision Mobile Apps

Lucky Gem Vegas Casino App ReviewLucky Gem Jackpot Vegas Casino Slots Machine by Vision Mobile Apps

There is a reason why slots are one of the most popular games in casinos all over the world. Slots have a history which is more than 120 years old. In earlier times slots were machines with dive reels with poker cards on it and a lever on one side to start reels spinning. When they stop, the combination of the elements shown on the reels would determine a player’s win or, in most cases, lose. Slots passed a long way since then. Modern slots are computer operated machines with monitors instead of reels and button instead of the lever.

Because of this fact, it is not hard to transform slots into the online or computer game. Different themes, pictures, and other features make a huge variety of possibilities and choices. It is hard to chose among all those games, but for everyone that is looking for a quality and interesting game, Lucky Gem Jackpot Vegas Casino Slots Machine is one of those games, and a player can play it and enjoy all the features it offers while exploring it.


Features of Lucky Gem Jackpot Vegas Casino Slots Machine

Slots are interesting and simple game to play. All owners of a device with iOS 4.3 and 28 MB of the memory will need an Internet connection and few minutes to download. Once it is downloaded, players can play it anywhere, as long as they have some free time. It can be played on a subway, in a bank while waiting for a turn, during the break in school and in any other occasion if appropriate. The game is free and there are plenty of free coins to earn regularly, so no one will have to spend any real money in any way. Along with the realistic and quality graphics and sounds, it can make people feel like in a real casino. This game offers Multi Line Bets with 20 lines, three different themes and more chances to win the jackpot and get even more coins.

There are few things to have on mind before someone downloads this game. Number one, although there is no need to spend any real money on this game, player won’t earn any real money as well. All those that are looking for a game with the real money should know that in games of luck, chances are always on a side of the casino or machine and not the player. Number two, this game, or any other game of the gambling genre is not a good preparation for any future game with the real money. Games of luck are unpredictable and someone may be extremely successful one day and lose a fortune another day. As a matter of fact, it usually happens that way.


Lucky Gem Jackpot Vegas Casino Slots Machine Overall

All slots lovers, or those who would like to see what it is all that fuss about, will realize this game is a great solution. It can easily be downloaded on a device and played anytime when there is some free time. Our suggestion is to play it when a player has plenty of free time because when someone plays such a good game, time flies. However, anybody can enjoy playing slots in a comfort of the home or any place people find appropriate.


Lucky Loot Casino by Lucky Loot Casino, LCC

Lucky Loot App ReviewCasino games are some of the most popular ways of spending free times. Casinos and cities with similar attractions are among the most visited tourist destinations all over the world. Most popular casino games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat or slots; as well as other similar games are based on the luck and some skill. This makes those games really exciting and appealing. The fact that luck plays an important role attracts people to play and enjoy the thrill of winning and losing.

Online or mobile device casino games are also popular. They can give a thrill of the real game, but with two big advantages. First, there is no need to go to the casino to play. The player can play it anytime and anywhere. Second, in most cases there is no need to spend real money. Lucky Loot Casino is one of those games and everyone that chooses it will not regret for any reason.


Features of Lucky Loot Casino

All owners of iPad, iPod or iPhone device with the iOS 6.0 or newer can download Lucky Loot Casino for free. Every player will get free coins, and there are new free coins waiting every 4 hours. For those that need more, there is a possibility to buy different packages with coins and other bonuses for real money. Once a game is downloaded, the player will be able to feel the thrill by playing some of the most popular casino games, such as bingo, keno, slots, and blackjack. There is no way to get bored since new games are added on a weekly basis. However, this game is different from most of the other similar games, since a player can exchange Lucky Gems earned while playing for the gift cards from the famous stores, such as Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart and more! There is no way to earn real money, but a gift card is a pretty good benefit from playing. The loyalty Reward program will bring other bonuses to a player and special weekly bonuses are one more benefit. There is a possibility to play real-time competitions against real players and it will never be boring since new games come every week.

Everyone that is planning to use this game as a practice for the real casino should know luck can change at any moment. No matter how good people are in these games, success mostly depends on luck and present success is not a guarantee for the potential future success. If a player keeps this in mind, no doubt he will have hours of the good time and it will be even better when he takes a gift card just earned and spend it in some store.


Lucky Loot Casino Overall

Lucky Loot Casino is an excellent casino simulation. It has all elements necessary for those games. There are many typical casino games people can play; such as keno, bingo, blackjack, and slots. There is a great graphic and sounds from the real casinos. If a player collects enough Lucky Gems, it can be exchanged for the gift cards in the real stores. This makes this game one of a kind and no doubt everyone will feel even the bigger thrill while playing a bonus game.


Lucky Roulette Casino

Lucky Roulette Casino App ReviewAll people which visited several casinos in their life probably noticed roulette table or even more of those in every casino. Even more than that, in most cases they are placed on a prominent place. Roulette is a really simple game of luck, which is set on a special table. On one side of the table, there is a spinning wheel divided into numbered sections, and on the other part of the table are fields with those numbers and other combination where players can place their bets. When bets are placed, the croupier will spin the wheel and throw a ball in the opposite direction at the same time. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball will stop in one numbered field and people which bet on that number win.

With time, many games evolved and roulette is not an exception. You can still find that old roulette in casinos, but modern versions created for a personal use include computer apps and games. Lucky Roulette Casino is one of those, where a potential player can download a game to different devices and start playing a real Las Vegas style game.


Features of the Lucky Roulette Casino

All those that want to have a good time and feel the thrill while playing roulette, this can be a real thing to choose. Things necessary to start playing are a stable internet connection, an iPod, iPad or iPhone with iOS 6-0 or newer. It will need only 23 MB of the phone memory and few minutes to download. Once it is done, it can be played whenever a player has some free time, and no matter where he is at that moment.

Of course, everyone has to be careful with this kind of games anyway. This is a free game and there is no need to spend any money, but no player will ever get some real money either, no matter is he good in a game or not. There are plenty of bonus coins waiting for all players and payout is higher than most roulette games. With it, there is no need to buy coins, but all players which want more coins can buy them for real money. Being good while playing this app does not mean someone will be good in the future. Like any game of luck, luck can change in a split of the second. All those who keep this in mind no doubt will have a good time and lots of fun.


Lucky Roulette Casino Overall

Once it is cleared up, there is no obstacle to taking a device and start downloading. The game is completely free, but if a player needs extra coins, he can buy them for a very affordable price. Lucky Roulette can be played at any occasion, as long as there is enough time for playing. Rounds are short, so no matter how busy a player is, it will give an opportunity to stop in the middle of the game. Still it would be a great choice and a game which can help someone to overcome all those nasty moments, such as waiting for the bus or between classes. Great video and audio quality will make everyone feel almost like in a real casino.


Paradise City Casino By Black Cigar Llc

Paradise City Casino App ReviewParadise City Casino as the name goes is really a casino gaming app from paradise. A lot of developers of these mobile casino gaming apps do always find it very difficult when it comes to building a slot machine gaming app. This therefore is the main reason why there are so many below average slot gaming apps out there. However, in the midst of all these challenges, you have to count yourself as being very lucky that Black Cigar LLC has been able to come out with this masterpiece which combines all of the unique features that quality slot machine games should have and makes it look so simple and effortless.

This game is involves that you play against the house and so when you win, it is the house that will have to pay your winnings which is just what happens in the real casinos. This is therefore the best chance to also get in on the act and make up for all the things that you have been missing due to the fact that either you have never been to a real live casino room or you do not wish to part ways with your hard earned bucks. Either way, this game gives you the opportunity to also experience everything that goes on in the real casino rooms in Las Vegas and Macau.

The game just offers you so much that it beats even your wildest dreams and imaginations. It is always a known fact that games that offers the best gaming experience are always very slow and also often do crash. However, that is not something that you find when playing the Paradise City Casino by Black Cigar LLC. There are no instances of the game being slowed down or failing to function even for a short period of time.

Features of Paradise City Casino

Paradise City Casino is a game that boasts of having the best graphic qualities. The animations are so vivid and colourful that you will always be tempted to believe that you really are in the real casino building located in any of the well known gambling cities around the world.

The game also offers a wide variety of slot machines which help to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to playing on a particular slot machine. However, the feeling associated with any of the slot machines is just as you are bound to find when you decide to step into a live casino room.

There are also free coins to be won on a daily basis and so many bonus games which all help in increasing the amount of coins that you will get.

This game also offers the opportunity of a player making in-app purchases which means that you can decide when to end the game.

Paradise City Casino Overall

The game is very interesting and interactive to play.

You can download it for free as it is currently available for free.

You get to have a casino game that has the best graphic quality and sounds.

All the above mentioned points are the things that influenced me to give it the 5-star rating.


Slots – Elvis Zombies In Vegas By Poker Face Apps

Elvis Zombie Slots App ReviewPoker Face Apps have really redefined mobile casino gaming apps by coming out with this awesome game which makes use of the craziest of zombie characters. This game makes use of almost all your every day Zombie characters that you see in the movies and with Zombie-like images on each of the slot machines, the feeling just went straight through the roof.

The objective of this game is to make sure that you win more than you bet with the ultimate goal of being able to hit the jackpot on countless occasions. With Elvis Zombie holding a brain sandwich, you can just imagine some of the things that you are bound to see when you decide to download and play the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas. Each and every image on any of the slot machine is just straight from the world of Zombies like the popped-out eye, the brain in a sandwich and a lot creepier zombie characters.

Going with the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas PRO version gives you the chance to really experience how it will feel like if the casino centres all over the world were to be filled with zombie characters. It is up to you to decide whether to go for the PRO or the FREE version but they all do provide the best gaming features that you can ever find in a casino gaming app.

Combine the thrills and suspense of watching a zombie movie with the excitement that comes from playing inside a real casino room and that is exactly what Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas brings to each and every player who is fortunate enough to download this game.

Features of Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas

There are a lot of slot machines available for you to select from and whichever one you decide to use, you are guaranteed of having nothing less than the best gaming experience of your life.

Going with the PRO version of the Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas also puts you in a position to instantaneously get $4000 worth of virtual money which can then be used to play on any of the slot machines available.

Unlike a lot of the casino gaming apps which allow maximum bets of not more than 500, Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas allows you to bet up to a maximum of 1000 credits. This further add to the excitement that comes from playing such a casino game which means that to hit the jackpot with such a bet placed cannot be explained by mere words.

It also comes with an integrated Game Centre which means that the points that you earn by playing on any of the slot machines are automatically added on the Leaderboard.

Slots Elvis Zombies in Vegas Overall

The game is first of all exciting to play as it is filled with suspenseful themes and interactive user interfaces which means that you will definitely enjoy your time spent on playing this game. Free bonus credits and games are also provided to you on a daily basis. Spinning the wheel of fortune gives you the opportunity to win more coins which can then be used to play on any of the slot machines. In totality, this game gets 5 stars from me.