SkullduggeryIt’s Angry Birds meets Super Mario Bros in the latest physics-based platformer by ClutchPlay Games, Skullduggery. In this game, you are a single skull with one major, important job: collect taxes from the biggest deadbeats of the underworld. To do this, you must fling your skull through various obstacles and baddies while performing headshots, collecting coins, and solving your way through to the end.

Gameplay and Features

The way you fling the skull around is not with a giant slingshot, but with its own highly-elastic brain. Use the touchpad to fling your character in Angry Birds fashion. Unlike Angry Birds, however, you do not have to wait for your skull to stop. You can fling the skull immediately after it was released from your last fling. That way, you can better control the distance your skull goes as well as the direction it heads. Another way to better control your skull is using slow motion. While the skull is in mid-air, you can touch it and hold it, which enables the slow motion. This is where you can perform some major headshots and combos.

If you can’t headshot your enemies immediately, then wait for the right opportunity by hiding the small skull in jars, chests, and trash cans. Sneak up on those enemies and knock them out with a headshot! You would also have a chance to play multiplayer with your friends and fling skulls across the screen together. Finally, you can fill out paperwork after your adventures of taking out those massive deadbeats.

Besides the fun multiplayer and endless amount of silly puns, this game has many other features available. In single-player mode, you will be able to experience four different worlds with 32 levels total, and there will be more coming soon. You will be able to have your skull obtain power-ups that are more than satisfying throughout the levels. Skullduggery also has great playability because there are so many recognizable skulls to unlock as well as objectives and collectibles to find and obtain.

Pros and Cons

The game costs around $4.99. Although this may be considered a con for select people, others have praised this game for being worth every penny. One pro is that this is also a fixed price that you pay up front initially. If you buy the game, then there will not be any in-app purchases in order for you to advance in the game. You just have to pay this one and only price and you have access to the full game. However, there is a con if you do not purchase the game. The advertisements could get pretty annoying. If you do not purchase the game, then you still have a chance to play it entirely. However, after each level, there will be an option provided to you on whether or not you want to purchase the game. If you select no, then you would have to watch an ad. Although the developers have to earn money from their game somehow, some people would’ve been a bit more satisfied if the ads appeared every other level instead.


It’s pretty obvious that a lot of care and passion went into making this game. This game has wonderful, fun, and addicting gameplay all while allowing the player to experience it’s beautiful, atmospheric worlds and environments. The price could probably be reduced by a dollar or two and the ads could be a little more scarce, but the game is well worth a player’s time and money. Overall, this game gets a respectable 7 out of 10.


Running Dead

Running DeadYou may have heard of the walking dead but are you prepared to face the horror of the Running Dead? Zombies have been pretty big in the US for a while now and this app brings you all of the excitement of the zombie apocalypse in a very straight-forward yet addictive game.

In the Running Dead you are the lone survivor and must outrun the zombies. While your goal is very simple, how you achieve it isn’t. You can pick up various weapons and take various paths to our run your relentless hunters. The further you make it and the more zombies you kill the higher score you will achieve. The game features two different stages and a ton of playability as each run is never the same. The Running Dead is also available in 11 different languages so the zombie mayhem can be enjoyed worldwide.

The developer, Cleverson, has also created the game Rescue City. It’s essentially a strategy game where you must guide various rescue vehicles along the most efficient routs to people in danger.

Features and Gameplay

The Running Dead is very easy to play. The controls are simple, requiring you to either tap the screen to move to a specific location or tilt your mobile device. Firing weapons is also easy, only requiring you to tap the center of the screen while the gun aims automatically.

The graphics for the Running Dead are good though not groundbreaking. Cleverson did a great job of creating the two environments: a city and the countryside. Both are very detailed and immersive. As for other features you get a choice of 5 different characters and 8 different weapons plus landmines and a special attack called Savior Shot. Overall the game offers enough variety to keep things fresh for you.

In addition to the standard weapons you can also earn upgrades for them. This can change the way you play and make things easier for you. You also get 6different control options and can work towards earning 19 achievements. There are also leader boards for things such as kills, distance, and overall score if you are the competitive type. You will also gain the ability to drive vehicles as well so that you can gain distance faster and run over zombies.


The main draw of the game is the replay ability factor. On paper this “run from zombies” theme sounds rather stale but the way the Running Dead plays out is very addictive. This is due to the fact that each game will play out differently allowing you to try new strategies and techniques to get away from the zombie hordes as they hunt you down. This is definitely a game you will be playing over and over again if you enjoy the strategy aspect of it or if you enjoy competing for high scores against other players on the leader boards.


The graphics, while very good, are not revolutionary. Also the auto aim feature may turn some players off who were hoping for a more action oriented experience rather than strategy. Some of the buildings are a bit small and it would be refreshing to be able to go into more of them.


Overall the Running Dead is a very solid app for the iPhone. If you love zombies and fast paced strategy games this is something you’ll want to check out. While it isn’t as action oriented as you may expect there is still the thrill of killing zombies with guns, chainsaws, or running them over in vehicles making the Running Dead a winner. The final score for the Running Dead is a very solid 7/10.


Waterslide Extreme App Review for iPhone

Waterslide 2Waterslide Extreme for iPhone

Waterslide Extreme is for all you adrenaline lovers out there, although you’re not really there – it sure seems like it. With 1st and 3rd person view you can watch your player slip and slide through water tunnels, while guiding them with the tilt of your phone. Catching points and surprises along the way. Not only are you sliding through water tunnels, but you are also in the sky of the city. Play during the day while the sun is shinning bright and watch the sun set as it turns to night.


The features of the game are pretty fun for the viewer. You get beautiful scenes along the way, as you glide through the sky in your water tunnel. You can choose between a male or female character and can view them through 1st and 3rd person views. To guide your player all you need to do it tilt your phone from one side to the other, to collect points and prizes on your way down the slippery slide. To speed up, just tap the screen and off you go. Just make sure not to fall off the side or hit any angry crabs or evil rubber duckies you run into on the way down. The levels gets harder one by one as you complete each slide and loop the loop. All together there are nine stages that await your wet journey.

Pros to this game is that it is FREE and a time taker, if your in the doctor’s office waiting for hours, on a bus, plane or even at a family dinner and can’t seem to find anything fun to do…whip out your phone and get to sliding with this extreme game. It’ll have you engrossed with trying to get points and not falling off the slide to your doom. Cons to this game is that it’s a little slow and the pixels aren’t all that great, not the best quality game out there, along with some crashes along the way. Also there isn’t much of a choice for you character that you play, just one male look and one female look to choose from.

Overall Impression

The overall feeling of this app is a good one, it’s exciting and thrilling and funny at times. This is a good game for the younger generation they will for sure get a kick out of this app. A fair rating for this game a 6 out 10, it wouldn’t be a first choice to download but it is still fun to try and to watch. This app is a creative and different one for sure. Weather it’s summer and ninety five outside or winter and below freezing any day is a good day to play Waterslide Extreme.


Best Applications Android Deer Hunter 2014

Deer Hunter1Deer Hunter 2014

The Deer Hunter franchise has been around for some time now. It has put out a large number of games for other gaming systems before, ranging from home video game systems all the way to arcade games. Due to this, nobody should be surprised that there is new Deer Hunter games available on mobile devices. The Deer Hunger 2014 game is the latest rendition and it has many of the features fans of the other Deer Hunter games are sure to love. Naturally, this game is not for everyone, as those who do not like hunting or seeing animals hurt (even if the animals are animated) probably should look away. However, the Deer Hunter 2014 game did receive an Editor’s Choice from Google Play for a reason.


For anyone who is new to the Deer Hunter franchise, the name is basically self explanatory. It is a first person shooter, although there are not other people shooting back. It is about hunting. Originally, the first Deer Hunter games were all about hunting deer. Perhaps some levels where about shooting a certain number of deer in a set amount of time while others were being able to shoot a deer that did not appear for very long. With this Deer Hunter version though, as well as some previous, it is not all deer. Some of the first levels are about hunting deer, stalking them and trying to nab the deer before they run away (so there basically are stealth levels throughout the game), but there are other kinds of prey out there. Some of the levels feature polar bears, leopards, pumas and all sorts of other animals. Many of these animals are not going to back down either and will attack the hunger, which means someone needs to act quickly when playing as it is kill or be killed by some of these larger animals (or packs of animals).

Now, while the game is a first person shooter, it does not have the analog control sticks like a more traditional video game system. Due to this, the game is controlled by some movement suggestions on the touchscreen, giving off the idea of a virtual controller. There is also some flashing icons that appear on the screen that require the player to push it quickly with their finger tips. It isn’t as great as the analog sticks on a traditional controller, but there are some ad-ons a player can purchase for their phone if they really want this kind of feature.


Outside of the hunting, probably the best feature of the game is the scenery of the hunts. The backdrops are some of the very best of any game out there on Android or for a mobile device at all. Often times it really is beautiful as the textures and colors truly pop. It just showcases how amazing mobile phones have become in allowing gameplay on the go.

While playing the game, it is possible to win points and collect trophies that can be showcased on the Google Play archives. It also helps earn money, which can purchase more add ons for weapons, such as longer firing range, a larger magazine for a rifle or other features, all of which give the game a bit more replay value than other first person shooters.

For anyone who loves the Deer Hunter series, this is a great game. It is also a nice game for just people who like first person shooters and enjoy hunting, or at least the idea of hunting. As long as those two elements are enjoyed, this is a must try game.



Cut the Rope Android App Review

CTRCut the Rope

Cut the Rope is brilliant in its absolute simplicity. The game features all of the elements that makes an app game a best application:

Cute and cuddly creature that gorges on candy (You can call him Om Nom)
Logical Thinking without hurting your brain
Colorful Graphics
Catchy Music

In Cut the Rope, your objective is to deliver a tasty treat to a green little guy named Om Nom. You cut ropes that have the candy attached in a logical manner in which the ultimate goal is to swing the candy right into the chompers of Om Nom. You swipe your finger to swing ropes through various sharp implements, sometimes lasers, to get the ropes to sever and then attach depending on the objective of the level. You’ll also need to collect other object for points along the way like stars and busting bubbles.

Android Market

Cut the Rope is a great, award winning app from ZeptoLab. It went to number one nearly immediately when it was first released on the App store. It is now seeing the same success with the Android port that was recently released.

Costs one dollar to get rid of ads and totally worth it.